•   almost 11 years ago

App wanted - cable box replacement.

I would really like to see an app developed to work as a front end for the Ceton InfiniTV cable tuner card. The idea is to eliminate the need for a cable STB with the TV.

There are two strategies for doing this:
1) MythTV based. MythTV can already send live TV streams that can be viewed by the DLNA support in the TV. An app for this would provide a better UI and forward messages from the remote control back to the MythTV server. The main command needing forwarding is channel tuning since the Ceton tuner is located back in the MythTV box. This works for all channels marked Copy Freely - which is all channels except HBO/Showtime/PPV/etc.

2) Microsoft Media Extender based. This is similar to the MythTV support but also incorporates the Microsoft video codec with DRM support. This codec can be licensed for a few cents from Microsoft and it will run in Linux environments (like inside the TV). With the MS licensed codec you can watch all channels including PPV/HBO/etc. You would put the Ceton card into a Win7 based server.

The point in doing all of this is to eliminate the need for cable box rentals. I am currently renting a PVR and three tuner boxes for a total of $50/mth plus taxes. That is $600/yr forever.

I would much rather buy a server with the Ceton card and rent a cable card for $2.50/mth. All of my TVs are Samsungs and could run the app.

Note that this set up is very similar to the AllVid proposal currently being evalated by the FCC.


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