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about 12 years ago

A note from one of our judges

By Greg Dudey, Vice President, Visual Display UX Lab, Samsung Information Systems America

I'm really excited to be one of the judges for the Free the TV Challenge this year. I'm hoping to see some innovative converged applications with great user experiences. What's a "great user experience"? I'm talking about apps that provide significant value to the customer, are very simple to use (taking advantage of the specific features of each device), and are visually stunning. So far, most of the successful apps in the Samsung App Store focus on media consumption and generally only allow people to watch more content. This year, I'm hoping to see some new applications that stretch our thinking about the potential role of the connected TV in our lives, especially in other locations around the house — or even in a corporate setting. Let's really "Free the TV" from the confines of living room video watching. I can't wait to be wowed by all the participants!