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about 12 years ago

The Samsung TV App SDK -- now even better!

By Krishnan Nair

When Samsung first rolled out its software development kit (SDK) for creating TV applications, it was received with both excitement and reservation by developers. Traditionally, not many hardware companies have boasted about an SDK that enables creating applications for TVs. The idea of running a browser on a CE device and enabling applications on your 46-inch TV was definitely impressive, but the question was, how long would the SDK last?

I’m pleased to say that we’ve come a long way from SDK 1.5. The current SDK, version 2.5, is available for creating converged applications for the Free the TV Challenge. Partners and developers have welcomed the SDK’s support for new features, such as HTML5, CSS3, Flash 10.1, ActionScript 3, and more, along with support for HTTP live streaming and HTTP adaptive streaming. The new SDK is truly a tribute to the engineering team’s dedication to understanding the market and meeting developers’ requirements.

The Samsung TV App SDK 2.5 also has rich new visual component features. Users can edit and inspect code, as well as use click-and-drag functions to facilitate design work. The SDK also includes a new Open Convergence Interface (OCI) API for developers who want to build external devices that work seamlessly within the Samsung environment. And interactivity with mobile device applications is now possible, through the API for XML-based communication between smartphones and Smart TVs. Version 2.5 of the SDK also introduces support for in-app purchases and subscription billing.

The learning curve has been steep but rewarding, and our engineering team strives every day to improve the usability and functionality of the SDK in accordance with industry standards. You’ll also find a wealth of resources (sample code, tutorials, documentation, examples, APIs) on the SamsungDForum, which helps developers creating leading-edge applications. Above all, we hope you’ll use the new SDK to build mind-blowing converged applications, and we can’t wait to see what you create!