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about 12 years ago

3 weeks to go!

By Krishnan Nair

We're inching closer to the final weeks of the Free the TV Challenge. It's not too late to enter — start building a converged app today! We're here to help you every step of the way: just post your questions in the challenge forum or the Samsung D Forum

If you've already started working on a submission, here are some reminders to help you make sure your entry is complete and your apps are easy to test and review.

Submission Checklist

  1. Finish your submission video — check out these tips on how to make one
  2. Finalize the name of your app
  3. Write a summary of your submission (including a description of functionality, uses, and interactivity)
  4. Decide on which image(s) to include
  5. Review the summary of how to enter and the Enter a Submission page one more time, to make sure you have the required items ready to go

Please note that each submission (specifically, all functionality and text) must be in English.

App Testing


If your submission includes a companion iOS application that isn't yet available in the App Store, please add the following device UDIDs so we can test it on our end (these are also available on the Resources page):

Device 1: 320dd 029be fba28 d6be0 fa90c 3cf76 4e3a9 64918
Device 2: 8c03b b18e4 279b3 132c3 baa24 e1273 7888f 7792d
Device 3: 40878 eac62 7b835 b33f1 d6542 6b31b 87e71 39c64
Device 4: ffd688 23613 941e2 fef16 8d029 48be9 4b210 9ac49

For more information about iPhone testing, review these articles:


If your submission includes an Android app that isn't yet available in the Android Market, please declare the application as "debuggable" in the Android manifest. For more information, review Using Hardware Devices in the Android developer docs.

- - -

We'll be sure to contact you if we have any issues with testing your apps during the judging period. Good luck — we're looking forward to seeing your amazing submissions!